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Tip 7: Public Transportation 101

Since I’m feeling this would be too lengthy to write “First of all, second of all’s, etc.” I’m going to jump into the bullet points for lazy hoes because well… I am one as well. So let’s get started shall we my fellow compadres~

List / Summary for Lazy Hoes

  1. Figure out and GET a public transport card   a. T-money or POP cards which are easily purchasable at almost any convenience stores (G-25, CU store, etc.) for 2,500 W
    b. Student ID’s IF POSSIBLE (I only know that Yonsei’s student ID is able)
    c. Debit cards (so if you have a bank card, like a Woori one, it can be utilized)
    d. (OPTION ONLY for subways) Buying either a 1 or 2-way ticket
  2. Decide on mode of transportation: bus or subway
  3. Load up money on your card unless you already have it loaded up
    a. Buses are cheaper than subways I believe, and subways should be baseline 1,050 W
    b. Distances between start and exit will usually determine the extra cost (for BOTH buses and subways), but I just don’t know the amount so uhh… look it up or start seeing the pattern??
  4. Swipe the scanner before entering the bus or subway AND remember to swipe a second time before exiting the mode of transport. (On subways there is usually no way of entering or exiting without swiping so do not worry, but as for buses… DONT FORGET TO SWIPE BEFORE GETTING OFF OR YOUR CARD IS GOING TO RUN OUT OF $$$ FROM THE BUS THINKING UR TAKING IT FOREVER!!! Yes kiss that card, or money on it goodbye because distances COUNT.)
  5. Know your exit and keep track of the number of stops or at least when it’s time to get off
    Note: For both subway and bus, you may need to know if your bus or subway line is directly going to your last stop. If not, find out what the transfer it. QUICKLY. BEFORE YOU LEAVE.
  6. Know the direction you’re traveling in (signs and maps be ERRYWHERE). Don’t eff this one up. Even a dingleberry could figure it out. AS FOR BUSES: I get confused with the direction it travels in because not all bus signs are in English too. So CHECK with someone or figure out if it’s the correct bus / correct side of the street for that specific # bus so as not to travel the long way.
  7. GET OFF YOUR EXIT. It’s pretty self explanatory since both buses and subways will have an announcing box that speaks pretty clearly, as well as an electronic sign indicating with both Hanguel and romanized letters of the upcoming exit.

So get it? GOT IT?! Pretty simple right? The only tricky one is the direction your bus may be traveling in, but the map at the bus station pretty much tells you in which the direction your bus is traveling. It just doesn’t always have the romanized words for the stops so that can be challenging. Other than that, traveling by public transport is cheap, easy, and 90% the same for both bus and subway system.


Tip 6: How to Get to the Seoul Immigration Office

So if you didn’t re-read my updated version of “Tip 3: Alien Registration,” I’ll start by saying that I WAS LIED TO BY THE FRONT LADY OF MY DORM!!! It IS possible to get to the Seoul Immigration Office by public transport, or more specifically the subway, rather than just take taxi. I mean if you don’t mind spending 12,000-14,000 W, then take taxi for ease and quickness, but if you’re a cheap hoe like me, here’s how to take the subway there!

First of all:
Take the subway from Sinchon Station and go on the Green Line (a.k.a. Line 2) and head in the direction towards Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station. The Green Line is actually the only available line at Sinchon Station by the by. There are also maps of the outline of the subway lines so anyone who can read ENGLISH (yes it’s in BOTH Hangeul AND English) and can figure out how to connect dots, can figure out which side of the subway line to enter. You don’t want to be heading in the opposite direction, so double check where you’re going. OH! And if you lack one of those public transport cards that allow you to go on subways/trains, then either: 1) get one for 2,500 W at a convenience store and load it on a couple 1,000 wons (a trip on the subway station is usually about 1,050 W minimum; a trip on the bus is a tad less), 2) put money on your Yonsei student ID (I don’t know if this works for other university ID’s as well so check) and load it on money (there are machines on the side before entering through the subway line that can both read and “re-charge” money on the public transport card), 3) use a debit card (i.e. Woori Bank card), or 4) buy a one/two-way ticket for the subway ride (after this usage, remember to put the “temp card” back into the subway machine that gives you back a 500 won deposit; unless you don’t want it you rich hoe).

Second of all:
Make that bloody transfer at Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station!!! Yes, Line 2 does NOT go directly to your main/LAST exit towards Alien Registration. So get off the subway and walk in the direction towards the transfer line, or Purple Line (I forget the number but you’ll figure it out). Again, check for the direction your train should be heading in and jump on accordingly. You’re heading towards Omokgyo (LAST STOP) so check that free giant map in the subway hokkayy?

Third of all:
Omokgyo is the last stop for this transfer, so GET OFF IT! Don’t fall asleep because ain’t NOBODY going to warn you when to get off. You only have a speaker box talking about what the next stop is and which direction the doors are opening/you should be exiting for the stop.

Fourth of all:
Walk STRAIGHT OUT of the station at exit #7 and walk STRAIGHT OUT. And then continue to walk STRAIGHT. You will be incredibly assured you’re traveling on foot in the correct direction from the signs pointing straight to “Seoul Immigration Office.” Fantastic right? Just another 10 minutes until you reach the godforsaken evils to receive your precious Alien Registration card that protects you from deportation. YAY!

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

**Look down at zeh picture. See it? YUP! That’s the summary because I too be a lazy hoe**

seoul immigration office subway directionsTo all the lazy hoes who wish for more tips or a better summary on public transportation, I guess I’ll write one up for y’all because I’m a people pleaser.

Tip 5: Chuseok Weekend Planning

So if you didn’t know, the Koreans celebrate a Thanksgiving-like holiday called Chuseok from Sunday to Tuesday during the first week of September. I’m completely ignorant of this holiday so research it yourself, but what I do know is RESTAURANTS  AND PLACES CLOSE DURING THIS TIME!!! So I’m about to inform you a list of what to expect, plan, or suggested places to enjoy during this lazy period that gives college students an excuse for a 5 day weekend (yes we get even Wednesday off for some magical reason).


  • 99% of restaurants are closed down. Since everyone is meeting with their extended (or immediate) families, ain’t nobody got time to feed your lazy-self. Don’t worry, your friendly convenience stores are still running.
  • If you’re not expecting to cook, can’t find an open restaurant, or don’t prefer fast food places like Burger King and McDonald’s, expect to be eating kimbap, onigiri, and ramyun from the convenience store. Maybe a microwaveable burger can be found in the back area of the store.
  • There still will be Koreans everywhere. Just like how on Thanksgiving you can still find Americans roaming the world, Koreans are no different. Not everyone is inside celebrating, so don’t expect amusement parks to be just full of foreigners or even completely empty.
  • Discounts for foreigners. FIND THEM. Because owners of certain places are still greedy for that dough, if you do your research you can find discounts on places like amusement parks *cough cough* Everland, Lotte World, Caribbean Bay.
  • A LOT of other people are thinking of going to Jeju Island too. If you were thinking this was the perfect time to travel, it might just be more expensive than usual, ESPECIALLY if you’re buying tickets last minute. Since it’s pretty much a thing for others to want to go to this Hawaii-like location, chances are the only airline that goes here knows it and is bumping up prices during this time. Expect a crowd. EXPECT IT.


  • Plan, plan, plan! It’s only been 1 week of class orientations and now you have the golden opportunity of having fun for 5 days without homework or studying to think about so don’t waste it with poor planning.
  • Buy groceries ahead of time at E-Mart or a nearby grocery store with the thoughts of what to cook for each day if you were going to be a smart hoe about how to feed yourself.
    • Recommended dishes: salads, fruits, pho, soups, chicken, different noodle dishes, fried rice, omelets, sunny-side-up/scrambled/hard-boild eggs
  • Go to Dongdaemun for open restaurants because the Uzbekistani and Kazakhstani restaurants aren’t closing during this golden opportunity of majorly decreased competition for hungry hoes.
  • Go to an amusement park and mention that you’re a foreigner if they are offering “foreigner discount” (Everland: 40,000 W ~25,000 W || Lotte World: 30,000 W ~15,000 W || Caribbean Bay: I don’t remember but if you go to Everland than going to Caribbean Bay afterwards is cheaper.)
  • Go to Jeju Island if you so desire. I didn’t go because of poor planning, but heard it was fun.
  • Go to the Han River and have your own picnic. Who DOESN’T want to enjoy chicken and alcohol by a calm river in Seoul? Picnic mats are 2,000-3,000 W at Daiso and come in multiple colors.
  • Go to the movies at MegaBox
  • Go to the aquarium at Coex (building area that also has MegaBox in it) || ~22,000 W per person
  • Go shopping in Gangnam, Idae, or anywhere
  • Go to the countryside or sight-see
  • Find out if there is any cool exhibit or museum opened and go to it. I missed out on visiting the Hayao Miyazaki exhibit that had a lot of cool set-ups of scenes from his animated movies

So I’m serious guys. Plan out this golden weekend. Know which activities or places you will be going to for EACH DAY or you just might lose a day of fun from figuring it out all too late. Also, don’t promise 2 different friend groups to do something on the same day. Happy planning!~

Tip 4: Friendship Trapping

You probably think I’m joking or writing a post that’d probably say: 1) Don’t be ugly, 2) Be pretty, and 3) Meet other pretty people, but nahhhh… I mean as good as that list, I’ll give you future study abroad-ers some insight on how to start a group of humans to connect with and maybe end up making BOMB MEMORIES with during your fun, and even mellow times in South Korea. THE FIRST 2 WEEKS ARE CRUCIAL FOR ESTABLISHING FRIENDSHIPS SO YES COME DURING THE MOVE-IN DATE OR SOONER!!! So, from my experience on how not to come off as (too) desperados I present to thee, Friendship Trapping~

First of all:
Small talk like there’s no tomorrow. Have you heard of “Hi, I’m ___. What’s your name? Where are you from?” Because these will be your 3 go-to liners with every human you meet for the next semester you’re hither. Maybe even a year if you’re a lucky hoe that’s staying longer, but majority of your shot gun method of making friends is the 1st 2 weeks. When you’re in line for checking in to the dorms, just smile, and if you make eye contact with someone say “Hey” or ask them when they got there. If they look like they’re not a psycho-murderer, or angry bloke that can’t handle your face, just stop talking. But if they look chill and pretty happy that you initiated human interaction, just chit chat and see if it gets to anything more, like sharing Kakao Talk info.

Second of all:
Get a Kakao Talk ID. Yes yes besides Kakao Talk (the app; it’s free bro don’t worry), you want to create an “ID” which can be done easily under the “My Profile” section of the app. This makes it 10x easier to let others add you to their Kakao and then BOOM! Friendship!!! Now you can group chat or single chat it up to eat with another human, rather than stay forever alone. YAY FRIENDSHIP!

Third of all:
Get out there! Like.. PHYSICALLY. Seriously just embrace the world that is gonna be your new environment for the next 4 months so you can actually see things, run into other abroaders/non-abroaders, and don’t worry about doing solo-wolf pack stuff. Because the next 2 weeks everyone else is also looking to meet others. You can be making a free bank account at Woori Bank, and BAM! You small someone while waiting in line and eventually you hit it off and DING DING DING!! Lunch mate achieved! You’re going out to explore the campus and see 3 wandering, lost souls. TARGET ACQUIRED. Help the CRAP out of the hoes and since maybe you’ve already explored a tad of the campus, you’ve just earned some brownie points and FRIENDSHIP! YES!!!

Fourth of all:
Be a nice motherbugger to ANYONE and EVERYONE. I’m serio on this one. You don’t have to go out of your way to do everything like a slave, no that’s not what I meant. What I mean is, if you have the time and you can show another decent person another hand to say press the elevator button, or escort them to the dorms, or maybe even converse back with them if they initiate small talk, then follow Nike and JUST DO IT! Being nice really gets you far especially if you’re planning future vaca-ing and just befriended and AWESOME GROUP OF HOES that now are inviting to hook you up with a meal, stay, and/or helping hand at getting around Spain or Singapore. And remember, with making friends and building that up, you soon shalt be getting to the befriending of MUTUAL FRIENDS.

Fifth of all:
Join clubs, activities, lunches, outings, or anything that comes up and gives you the chance for making more friends, or figuring out if the unlucky humans that have been caught into your friendship trap are fun for what kind of activities you want to do soon, or if they’re completely going to ruin your study abroad experience. Por ejemplo: Mary likes sugar, spice, and everything nice. LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE NEVER EATING ALONE AGAIN. Lauren was an ex-pro ping pong player. LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR EXERCISE AND FREE PING PONG LESSONS. Nicola is very good at Korean and knows her way around the subways and Sinchon area. LOOKS LIKE YOU’VE FOUND A HUMAN YELP AND NAVIGATOR.

Sixth of all:
Cut all ties with CLINGERS! Yes… With studying abroad and the feeling of Freshman year where errybody be desperate hoes for attention and companionship, there be those annoying flies that will stick to you like superglue. These hindrances may fatally ruin the friendship game once others “couple” you two up as ALWAYS being together, but in actuality you’re trying to meet other humans. RIP THAT SHIZZ OFF and establish that you ain’t their siamese twin, because you might just miss out on the friend that could’ve hooked a sista up with the Brazilian models from SK Global just because that almost-friend doesn’t like the parasite that’s been leeching onto you for your companionship or even to easily make friends off of your friendships. But if you’re the clinger.. STAHP! NOT COOL BRUH!!!

So you thought I was gonna get into the bullet point for my amazing advice, but first I’mma give a heads up on WHAT NOT TO DO in summation for my beautiful, lazy hoes. Ready? Leggoo

  • Don’t be THAT GUY or THAT GIRL. So you know THAT GUY who ends up randomly coming up to a laughing group and starts randomly laughing with them? Or THAT GIRL who randomly sits herself down with a group that’s eating already and doesn’t ask to join? WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD! You’re gonna be MARKED as the WEIRDO. Don’t follow Nike’s on this one. JUST DON’T.
  • Don’t playing “Handsy Hannah.” So you know how different people have different comfort zones when meeting STRANGERS for the first time? DON’T TOUCH A HOE THAT DON’T WANNA BE TOUCHED. Handy Hannah be THAT HOE that’s hugging everyone closer than a sorority sistaa when the friendship has BARELY begun. Or barely even been established? You’re now “What’s-her-nuts” and people gonna be avoiding you like Bubonic Plague.
  • Don’t be a desperate hoe and ask for personal information TOO FAST. Or don’t ask until they ask if you’re nervous about being the desperate hoe. Let’s just say there was this one chick living off campus and she wanted to make friends at Mach 5 and IMMEDIATELY would ask for contact info, Kakao ID’s, and facebook’s from people she had only greeted and said “Hi.” to. How bout small talking first, seeing if the friendships gonna lead to lunches or outings at the amusement park, or ANYTHING of similar interest before getting or giving out personal contact info MMm’kay?
  • Don’t be the “contented hoe.” The contented hoe is that one dude who thinks, aite I got my possy down. I now know a mini-group who will do everything with me now from lunching to traveling with. HOLD UP! This ain’t some 3 Musketeers life. People have different interests, won’t always do the same things at the same times you want, or sometimes want to make other groups of friends. DON’T BE THE CONTENTED HOE unless you want to be forever alone again or just plain piss people off. Your roomie ain’t hanging with you 24/7 got it?
  • Don’t be the “mutual friend-er.” This parasite known as the “mutual friend-er” doesn’t know how to make his/her own friends, or is too lazy to, and then opts with meeting his/her roomie’s or friend(s)’s friends. WE HATE THIS! Everyone’s a grown-up now, and it’s time to learn to make your own friends. Not parasite your way into hard-earned friendships. Learn for Baby Jesus’ sake to just small talk or ask new friends out to lunch or ask what they’re up to. As Roman Bulkin said in “Be Cool”.. “BE COOL, N-word.”

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

  • Small talk it up when you have the chance
  • Be nice to anyone and everyone
  • Get BOTH the Kakao Talk app and create an ID
  • Get out of your room, the dorm, and just physically OUT THERE
    • But also get out there with your personality and all that jazz
  • Join clubs, activities, lunches, outings, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to do things alone (because eventually you may run into someone else)
  • Share and meet other mutual friends
  • Cut all ties with CLINGERS / Don’t be a motherbugging clinger
  • Don’t be “THAT GUY” or “THAT GIRL”
  • Don’t be a desperate hoe
  • Don’t be a touchy hoe / “Handsy Hannah”
  • Don’t be the “contented hoe” who doesn’t want to branch out and make other friends since she things it’s gonna be ring-a-round the rosie with her roomie and 1 amiga she came hither with
  • Don’t be the “mutual friend-er” who doesn’t want to do any work in making friends and would rather be the parasite who continually meets a friend’s friends

So I write this list because there seems to be an influx of humans that should be ADULTS by now that should know the game to meeting and friend trapping others. Apparently being thrown in another country has handicapped study abroaders into the freshman state of making friends or something because I am NOT having it with the clingers and mutual friend-ers. Cast your nets and pray that you catch a Brazilian model, ex-pro ping pong player, or a hook-up to a Euro-Trip.

Tip 3: Alien Registration

During Orientation Day (Monday), everyone becomes informed that having the D-2 Student Visa isn’t enough, but we also have to pay an extra $30-33 IN CASH for an alien registration ID. So here’s a list of how to survive the Seoul Immigration Office. Dun Dun DUNNnn~

First of all:
Have ALL your crap!!! You’ll be informed in your packet you receive from Orientation, as well as in their slide show, of the necessary documents: 1) passport, 2) copy of passport & visa (you can get done for 400 W at the place; just wait in an awkward line that overlaps the line of people waiting to pay for their specified application), 3) Certificate of Acceptance (will be given in your packet of things during Orientation), 4) 1 (NOT 2 WE WERE LIED TO!!!) color photo (which can be done and paid for at the place for 7,000 W vs. the 9,000 W rip-off amount at the Student Union at school), and 5) the CORRECT application form (which will be completed at the place). For the love of Buddha PLEASE fill out the correct form, unlike the stooges that mis amigas and I were!!! The paperwork you fill-out is titled: alien registration2“APPLICATION FORM (REPORT FORM)” comprende? Just check the “Alien Registration” box.

Second of all:
Find out where and HOW to get to Seoul Immigration Office! If you’re gonna go by taxi (which is what 4 of us girls did), it’ll cost around 12,000-15,000 W one-way (so about 3,000-4,000 W per person one-way). As for public transportation, I heard that it took people about 1hr 30min due to multiple transfers on the subway. It didn’t help either that Information at the dorms had no knowledge of even how to get there by any kind of public transport, and so we opted for the faster/lazier route of taxi. Just have the address, which can be easily googled or written down by Information if you’re handicapped from learning reading, writing, and/or speaking Korean (like me)…

Third of all:
GO EARLY!!! I mean it. Go early and grab a ticket where the person in a bright yellow vest is manning at, telling them your presence hither is for Alien Registration. The place opens at 9a.m., so getting there as early as 8a.m. will save you a LOT of wait time. We got there at 9a.m. and were the 72nd-75th persons in line, specifically for Alien Registration (which had only ONE Korean manning the station at the time). After you grab your number should you proceed to finding the CORRECT application form and filling that out, getting photos or copies of passports and visas if you haven’t done so, paying for the alien registration appliciation (which usually has an obvious line of peasants waiting in), and just waiting with your friends (if you went with them) around (because there really wasn’t a line since there was a number system). Another note, PLEASE BUY THE 33,000 W vs. the 30,000 W alien registration fee IN CASH if you do not want to return to this hellish land to pick up your alien registration card. They will mail it to you for only 3,000 W so let’s NOT be stupid (like mis amigas and I) and take this golden opportunity ok?! (Just know your Yonsei dorm address and room # to have it delivered; oh AND to fill-out the paperwork for the alien registration application form.)

Fourth of all:
JUST PLAIN WAIT UNTIL YOUR NUMBER IS CALLED! I’m super duper SERIO! More serio than Mona Lisa right now! More serio than Gandalf when he said “You shall not pass!” And more serio than Egret will ever be whenever she said “You know nothing Jon Snow.” JUST PLEASE WAIT YOUR KNICKERS AND PANTIES BEFORE LEAVING PLEASE!!! We were the fools who did not wait, thinking “Hey only 17 humans passed after a tad under an hour. We have 40 more people before us so guess we can leave for 1hr 30min right?” WRONG. WRONG. WE WERE SO WRONG. We came back and the number had jumped 20ish persons ahead of us by then and a new lady in a yellow vest made us get new numbers. We of course went around that roadblock by talking directly to a new window that opened for alien registration, asking to help us out this once, which she did thank Buddha. BUT NEVER AGAIN! THOU SHALT ALWAYS WAIT LIKE THE LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

  • Have all your crap:
    • Passport
    • Copy of passport&visa (can be done at Seoul Immigration Office, which is where alien registration is performed, for 400 W)
    • Certificate of Acceptance (part of the paperwork/packet given at Orientation)
    • 1 photo (can be done at Seoul Immigration Office)
    • CORRECT Application form titled: “APPLICATION FORM (REPORT FORM)” (to be completed at Seoul Immigration Office)
    • Knowledge of: name, address in Korea, passport #, port of entry (where you landed in; i.e. Incheon), phone number (if you have a Korean number by now), etc.
    • CASH to pay for the alien registration (min. 30,000 W; or 33,000 W for shipping)
  • Decide on mode of transport (recommended: TAXI with 3 friends; and the address written down on paper/phone)
  • Go early to your destination and as fast as you can like someone just had a baby (recommended: arrive between 8-9a.m. even though place opens at 9a.m.)
  • Grab a number at the machine (manned by someone in a yellow vest) faster than Pinocchio can lie about being a real boy
  • Fill-out the rest of the necessary forms, complete payments, copy passport/visa, get photo, etc.
  • AND WAIT FOR YOUR BLOODY NUMBER TO BE CALLED BEFORE LEAVING! I’m serious! WAIT! If there’s a fire, WAIT. If you see someone offering free food outside, WAIT!! And even if your friends say, “Hey let’s go out and find Wi-fi at a cafe, eat some gelato, and then come back” JUST WAIT!!!

So yes people. This place makes people who complain about the DMV a COMPLETE JOKE!!! This was expert level DMV in making you CRY. You’d think a place like this that needs to deal with foreigners, and even have a specific line for Chinese citizens would be helpful enough to have signs in the mentioned languages, but NO! Everything is still in Korean, and everybody is bumping around like headless chickens trying to figure out where to go, who to talk to, and what to do. Be prepared, have convenience store kimbap with you, and cry a little. No shame at the wonderful world of the Seoul Immigration Office.

UPDATE: I WAS LIED TO BY THE FRONT DESK LADY AT I-HOUSE!!! SHE IS A LIAR!!! So remember how I took the taxi and split it among 4 other peasants? Well it looks like public transportation was NOT that difficult or long to take at all. Well maybe it took about an hour to get to the Seoul Immigration Office by subway. But that includes walking to the Sinchon station and also walking from the station to the Immigration Office. I shall tell how to get there by Subway in another “Tip” post. It’ll be short. I promise.

Tip 2: Buying International Tickets

Buying tickets to another country can sometimes become stressful when you’re a poor plebeian like yours truly. So here’s what I usually do, or what I did for Korea specifically, and I seemed to have bought some pretty cheap round-trip tickets compared to the average commoner.

First of all:
Plan at least 3 to 6 months in advance. The earlier you plan, the cheaper the tickets, and in my friends and my experiences, we’ve learned that buying international tickets were usually at their peak cheapest ~3-6 months before the flight. I bought my round-trip Vietnam tickets (+1 short layover) 3 months in advance for ~$1,100 and my round-trip Korea tickets 5 months in advance (+1 short layover) for ~$890 if you wanted to gauge a price range for how much these international trips from LA to overseas countries would be about.

Second of all:
If you’re gonna go cheap, go all the way cheap with CheapOAir. Just google in flights from [insert start destination] to [insert end destination] (e.g. “Flights from LAX to Seoul, South Korea”). Many links will pop up claiming they are the cheapest but when I got tickets to Vietnam and Korea, I stuck to the CheapOAir site since it seemed to always list the cheapest flights for me (**cough cough Air China **cough cough but no seriously just do it), and besides being pretty useful for including the box to check for “dates of flexibility” so that I could see tickets that would be cheaper if I left on a Wednesday rather than a Friday, or arrived home on a Monday rather than a Sunday this comparison site compared to others doesn’t do pop-up links to other sites and is just easier to navigate for a technologically handicapped person like me.

Third of all:
Buy on Tuesdays around afternoon. In my experience, for some strange oddity, buying plane tickets (both domestically and internationally) have been the cheapest on Tuesdays, specifically around 12-4ish. A friend suggested Wednesdays as well, but I feel like that is usually better for domestic flights.

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

  • Plan 3-6 months ahead for international flight
  • Compare prices (suggested site to use: CheapOAir; alternative comparison sites easily found on Google)
  • Choose economy and check “dates are flexible” to really cheap out like the peasant that you may be
  •   Buy on Tuesdays around 12-4 for prime time tickets
  • Have a credit/debit card and money and just click and buy (the actual buying part needs not be explained)

**note: If you’re a baller that’s usually in first or business class.. WHY ARE YOU HERE? I has no tips for anyone but commoners who have yet to taste the fine wines and luxuries of real arm rests, real seat recliners, real cushions, and real food, snacks, meals and/or drinks in REAL GLASS CUPS.

So fly my fellow adventurers. Search through Google, CheapOAir, or whatever means necessary to find cheap airfare and travel on. And a special note to Air China.. Thank you! I sincerely thank you with the bottom of my cheap, cheap heart for being $300 cheaper than Asiana Air. God bless cheap hoes everywhere~

Tip 1: Registering for Classes

So if any of you are wondering how the process was like signing up for classes at Yonsei University, I’ll share with you some valuable lessons I’ve learned. Let’s just say this experience was the most stressful 4 hours of my undergraduate life, and screaming and sweating may have been involved.

First of all:
You will be able to make your “wish list” of classes you might take. I state “might” because the problem with registering is that there is no wait listing. Yes it’s true, once the class is full you’ll never be able to get a chance at getting into the class. There’s probably a 1% chance you’ll get in if someone decides to drop the class, but let’s be honest, NOBODY is dropping the class they barely were able to get in that first 13 seconds. You’ll neither see how many people have registered for the class nor if the class is already full until you try to register for the class. So I highly recommend building your “wish list” at least 3 hours ahead of the actual registration time.

Second of all:
You will in fact NEED Internet Explorer for once in this 21st century. And when I emphasize “NEED” I mean it. You may be able to build the “wish list” of courses using Firefox in the beginning, but once you are actually trying to register for your classes, anything besides Internet Explorer will NOT work. So sorry to say this Mac users, but you’re going to have to mooch off someone’s PC or peasant laptop that may have Internet Explorer or say bye bye to getting the classes you want.

Third of all:
CLICK ON THE CLASSES AS FAST AS YOU CAN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!! Once your “wish list” is made and the clock hits the registration period, you add your class by clicking on the title of the class. Classes that I wanted have filled up in 1 minute because there are seats of availability from 5-30 seats (depending on the course). By now you should have backups for in case you could not get a class, or in case there were options of different time availabilities for a class. Do NOT make the mistake like I did in choosing a class (**cough cough Intro to Stats… OOooh Stats…) that is during a popular time period, unless you want to say hello to conflict of schedule and realizing you won’t be able to add a backup class.

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

  • Do NOT start registration process at exact time of registration, but rather 3-4 hours ahead
  • Build “wish list” of courses that you want, possibly want, or could be possible backups
    (e.g. 3 different time slots for a certain class, or 2 different classes that could fulfill a GE)
  • Have backup classes because you may not get the class you wanted
  • There are no such things as “wait listing” for classes at Yonsei University
  • Have and use Internet Explorer before the actual registration period
    • An e-mail will be sent stating that registering for classes at Yonsei REQUIRES Internet Explorer so I cannot stress the absoluteness that is placed on having Internet Explorer
  • Record what each course’s title, time slot/block hour (e.g. block 1 = 9 a.m.), and GE or class fulfillment for your actual school would be on a post-it note or scratch paper so you’re organized and on your registration game
  • You will not know when a class if full until you actually try to register for it
  • Have “wish list” opened up at least 1 minute before the actual registration period
    • You will know if you registered for the class or not because if it doesn’t go through, a pop up will either come up saying something like “Max capacity of seats reached, you should’ve clicked faster loser” or “You are taking a course during that time; should’ve checked for conflict of schedule bro”
      (My quotes not their’s. Please don’t sue me for libel Yonsei.)
  • (Optional) Have a friend with you who’s also registering for classes at the same school because it may make registering more fun or comfortable knowing that someone is stressing alongside you OR is helping you figure out how to download Internet Explorer

My final words of wisdom are to prepare ahead of time, be organized, and always have a backup option because you don’t want to be “that guy” who decided to plan the day of, not remember what classes to take, not have a backup plan, and now has to do more paperwork after registering for classes that weren’t in the approval list for school. TRUST ME. Because I am “that guy”.. or girl you should say.

Happy Registration! And may the odds be ever in your favor~