I’m a Vietnamese American studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea during the Fall of 2014. From Southern California to Seoul, Chapman University to Yonsei University, over 5,000 miles away from home, I hope to have the memories of a lifetime. I’ve never dormed, am a pre-med Biology student, and am guilty of the American college fashion of flip flops, jeans, and hoodies. Follow my travel blog from the diary I record, adventures I partake, cuisines I devour, lessons I (may or may not) learn, and bucket list I attempt to complete by the end of this journey.

Cultured to the ways of overeating and casual dressing, I’m sure to feel like a hungry and ugly American while in South Korea: land of the thin, light-skinned, fashionista Asians who promote plastic surgery and all things aesthetically pleasing.

4 months | 9 weeks | 123 days


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