Day 119

So I technically was in North Korea for a brief couple of minutes. SAY WHHAAAAA~?

Throughout our entire day of being transported from War Museum, to restaurant in nowhere, to other places before entering the DMZ (demilitarized zone), and the blue building/conference room that is technically in both South and North Korea, I was constantly falling asleep. I’ll go into the details in a separate post about how our group could’ve been kicked out from even seeing the DMZ, the strictness of the tour, and the thoughts that roamed my head as I walked in a mildly organized line.

Here are my terrible pictures of the day (most of them War Museum related or just of us traveling from the subway to the hotel where we would find our JSA tour since taking pictures was LIMITED):

Apparently one of the girls in my Politics & Society of North Korea class LEGIT has been in North Korea before and did both DMZ tours from the North and South side and experienced a bigger leniency when it came to moving about and taking pictures when she was in the North. According to her, the North is only strict when important figures are visiting the DMZ, but other than that she felt like the South was too strict and overly exaggerated.



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