Day 109

The moment of Finals has arrived, and my first Final was?? PING PONG

Because there were two different Monday ping pong classes, my class would be in a competition against the other for our respective professor’s bragging rights. Sadly, my partner “Sleepy” was NOT on his A game and would either: 1) miss the ball, or 2) hit the ball way too far off the table. So I barely got to smack the ball and show my crowd of supporters (Stacey, Joanne, Angelina, & Alison) my skills. They did get to see me play 1-on-1 against my partner later and did realize I did in fact love smashing the ball whenever I had the chance.

Even though my doubles team with Sleepy lost, each class ended with a 5-to-5 win. Surprisingly they weren’t for doing a tie breaker. So nobody got bragging rights. But everyone did get McDonald’s for breakfast. Weird… I vaguely remember Holly translating that we were playing to see which loser would buy lunch for the other class.



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