Day 108

Did anyone say fire??!


Post- fire preventative measures

Influenced by the lovely Deborita and the beauty of candles, I had been using a candle recently during my studious times during the upcoming Finals. Sadly, my peanut sized, smoothly unwrinkled brain in the logic department left me to commit near-fatal death. With a 500 W lighter, and inability to figure out how to light my candle without burning myself, I attempted to light a paper to light my candle which resulted in the paper catching fire too quickly, my spastic reactions to disperse the flames in every which way, and parts of my room to almost catch on fire. Thank goodness for my ninja reflexes, for I was able to save my Lee Min HOT calendar and postcards, as well as the rest of my room and I-House.

May Darwinism not take me out temporarily, and all the deities protect me as well as the possible victims within my vicinity.



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