Day 105

What’s a Thursday without some midnight fun in the other dorm?

Besides meeting my group late today in preparation for Friday’s presentation on the North Korean military, I had some midnight fun with Alison and Waqas when we decided on a spur of the moment tea and crumpets session. Waqas gave us the full London experience of milk in the tea he brought and we went over a Korean magazine that showed how much make-up men used as well.

Memorable words of the night/morning:
“Americans don’t have accents because when everyone sings they sound American.”
**argument for everybody else BUT Americans having accents**
“Does he have an accent? || What accent does he have?”
**referring to Daniel who’s from Washington D.C.
“Do you say ‘poe-tay-toe’ or ‘poe-tah-toe’? || “Poe-tay-toe…” || “Then it’s ‘toe-may-toe’!
**teaching Waqas the correct way of saying tomato**



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