Day 104

What do you do when a person asks “Is that you ___?” as they come out from the elevator? Peg them with a snowball of course!

Today, I met up with Sarah Y. and Donghyun for lunch at 11 am. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of the delicious “Shabu Shabu”-like meal. It consisted of Korean noodles, instant ramen, a giant boiling low styled pan-pot with 2 slices of cheese melted into the broth, and lots and LOTS of sausage pieces, as well as the tid bits of deokkbeokki. Drool worthy right?

Not only did I indulge in a food-coma worthy lunch, but for dinner I ventured to Edae with Angelina, Joanne, Casey, and Jasmine for a cheap yet filling dinner. Sundae (liver) for me this time since I was still full from the day, but I’m definitely coming back to order the 4,500 W GIANT donkatsu (pork cutlet) like Angelina had.

Although the original intent of going to Edae was to buy gloves and possible a hat, I ended up getting a cheap flannel instead.



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