Day 99

Happy Thanksgiving my SoCalian family and friends!!! I hate you all… (but not really)

Day 98 seolleongtang“Pilgrim and Indian Day” may have been over for me, but I was able to Skype the family for a good 10 minutes before rushing off to class this rainy day. Strangely I felt homesick for the first time ever. That, or I was just jealous of the family festivities, assortment of food on their end, and laughter and merriment that kept me from being heard. I guess I’ll have to be filled in on the gossip and fun another day.

Other than the rainy day and lack of festivities, I ventured to a Day 98seolleongtang (ox bone soup) near Jonggak station with the “Gang” (in honor of Joanne’s name for Stacey, Alison, her, and I). I’ll soon write about both our “Navigation Adventure” to this oldest restaurant in Seoul. Maybe if I’m not too lazy I’ll add an uber short review of it with directions included. We ended the day with a great find in the subway – a store called “Banana +.” And what better photo to take than one with a Christmas Raptor?



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