Day 98

Remember when we used to learn in school that Turkey Day was when the Pilgrims and Indians got together and had a scrumptious, peaceful meal of turkey, corn, and mashed potatoes and gravy?

Happy Thanksgiving America!!! Since Korea only cares about Christmas, there’s no turkey or stuffing easily obtainable, Stacey, Alison, Joanne, and I ventured to Hongdae to fill our bellies with a Thai meal. So no corn, smoked, honey ham, nor gravy was consumed; rather, phat thai, rice, chicken, and egg rolls were engulfed instead.

Afterwards, we walked a short ways to the famous EYK YouTuber’s “Your Are Here” Cafe. Filled with overpriced pastries, coffees, and teas, I saved myself for the pumpkin pie I chipped in for at Costco two days ago.

I don’t know why WordPress is being crappy lately, but hopefully the picturas start showing up soon. Sorry e’rrybodaayyyyy~



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