Day 96

When did Black Friday start again now?

Missing the land of the home and free, and realizing that turkey day was soon approaching, Casey, Aileen, Cece, Jasmine, Alison, and I headed to one of the most America reminiscent places in Korea: Costco. Using Casey’s roommate’s friend’s Costco card, we were able to enter, eat free samples, and make our little purchases.

Being the peasants that we were, we ate dinner at Costco. DON’T JUDGE! Who hasn’t? Ok well, who wouldn’t when there are BIG, FILLING meals like burritos, pizzas, chicken bakes, and (my personal favorite) Bulgogi bakes (only from 1,500-3,500 W)? There were even sundaes that were more like soft serve ice cream for 2,000 W!

Although dinner at Seoul’s Costco is cheap, grocery shopping here is NOT. So we ended up only buying alcohol and sweets, from red wines and cider to pumkin pies and cheesecakes. Judge us ‘Muricans all you want Koreans, but we KNOW how much you were checkin’ out our goods.



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