Day 94

Winter is coming… So it’s time to get some snow boots!!!

After a bible session with Jesus and Friends, I met up with Alison at Gangnam Station. We pretty much had no plans mapped out for where to eat or what to specifically see or do, so we agreed with Indian food (another food review to appear shortly) for dinner, and underground subway shopping to end the night.

If I were to make a YouTube “haul” video, it would consist of Alison and me constantly getting distracted by other things (socks, pj’s, sweatshirts) before finally heading to Jamsil station to finally find 20,000 W snow boots. Guess I am a girl who easily gets distracted by SALE-signs because it took over an hour before I was able to focus on buying what I had originally set out to. It’s not my fault that I have size 8 clown feet (or by Korean conversion – size 250) and Koreans keep laughing at my 5’2″-self for being non-proportional (if that’s even a word).



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