Day 93

A month ago I was just in Jeju. Now I only have another month until I am forced back to the Golden State. *cue Vitamin C’s “Graduation song”*

Today, Alison, Stacey, Joanne, and I were on a quest for sannakji, a.k.a. live octopus. If you don’t know of this delicacy, I’ll dive into the details of this “Fear Factor” self-challenge in an Epic Meal Time post.

After, Alison and I met up with Jiwon to play pool. Surprisingly I won the most games: Game 1 – team IMAG2038Alison&Jiwon vs. Me (I won); Game 2 – Alison vs. Jiwon (Alison won); Game 3 – team Alison&me vs. Jiwon (Alison&me won); Game 4 – Alison vs. me (I won). I think Jiwon was the best out of all of us but her problem was hitting the 8-ball in the wrong pocket, scratching, or hitting in the 8-ball too early. Alison just had problems, from constantly scratching to just almost never hitting a ball in.

The night ended perfectly with pizza, chips, chicken, and beer, as well as a cup of PURELY tater tots on the way home to the dorms. Thanks for complying with my request cute “I love you” Ajusshi. ❤



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