Day 87

Who wants to make a ceramic creation at Mustoy?~

If you’re in Korea, love couple cafés, and don’t mind killing 4 hours and $15-20, go to Mustoy to create a gift for yourself, friend, loved one, or even just for fun! Thinking that there was a couple deal where I could get two ceramic dolls to make for $20, I went to this place in Hongdae with Joanne. We ended up staying there for 4 hours because: 1) I had to rethink what size I wanted to buy or if I even wanted to go through with doing the activity when the ajumma said EACH tiny one was $15 while the “medium” size one was $20, 2) I had to rethink what I was going to make because I no longer wanted to make two (a Harry Potter & Ron Weasley), and 3) I just take long at trying to perfectionize art that just won’t come out right.

Anyways, my belief that ajummas in Korea LOVE me continues because this little lady kept smiling at me, gave GREAT customer service, gave us free ice teas as we sat and worked for hours, never rushed us, perked up when I said I was from SoCal (one of the workers was from Brea), gave us all FREE cookies (that were supposedly $2-3 EACH), and reduced the pricing of my ceramic doll to $15 even though I had made the “medium” sized doll. Poor Joanne had no discount and paid $15 for her teeny tiny doll. THANKS AJUMMA! ❤



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