Day 86

Looks like a kimchi and Pokémon day. Can it get any more Asian than today?!

Saturday afternoon I went to City Hall with Alison and met up with a lot of other Yonsei exchange students to learn to make kimchi from 2:30-4:00p.m. The table I ended up going to with Kamila blessed me with THE BEST ajumma who kept feeding us as we worked, called me yeppeo, and kept talking to us (but more importantly ME) even though most of us already established that we neither were Korean nor understood it. In other words, “Hangeul opseyo.” The only sad thing is that we TECHNICALLY didn’t learn how to make kimchi. We mainly were put to work at this “festival” like factory workers. At least they gave us a goodie bag afterwards?

So if you didn’t know, a Pikachu “convention,” which was supposed to have several parades from Saturday to Sunday from 2-6pm, came to Korea in Dongdaemun. Thinking we were going to see some Pikachus, we went there. Unfortunately, we were not blessed enough to come early enough because by the time we came, the crowd was too big and dangerous to the point that they actually had to cancel all the parades to protect the workers/Pikachus. At least we got to see some nerds and take random pictures!

After missing out on Pikachu and shopping a tad with Kamila and Alison, I met up with Ross and Sarah for Samgyetang – an amazing inception of a rice-stuffed hen in a light ginseng broth soup. IT WAS A WHOLE MINI-CHICKEN!!!



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