If you didn’t know, there’s a Korean holiday on 11/11 called Pepero Day!IMAG1892

What is Pepero Day, besides another “Single’s Awareness Day”-type holiday, you ask? Well besides it being a “Pocky”-like stick that vary in sizes and flavors (regular/chocolate, strawberry, cookies n’ cream, melon, and more), it’s Korea’s extra Valentine’s Day where people (usually the youths) exchange peperos to show affection for friends and loved-ones.

IMAG1893Why is Pepero Day on 11/11? Well apparently I was told the 1’s are like the tall, thin Pepero sticks, so.. yah.

Anyways, this fine day I saw couples EVERYWHERE more lovey dovey than usual, and finally friend trapped an Aussie by buying ice cream with everyone while we feasted on sweets in the convenience store talking about ghost stories and what-not.



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