Day 80

If you haven’t watched that Filipina on YouTube say “by da ri’bber” and “I go to eh church, I am eh Catolic,” JUST DO IT.

Because I ran out of data, meaning ABSOLUTELY NO phone usage, I could not meet up with Alison and Stacey for the Lantern Festival at Seoul City Hall and ended up being a loner. It didn’t help either that my phone was at 8% when I got in this big-arse line to go through the “festival” (because apparently ANY event is a “festival” according to Korea), so at one point my phone, which I use as a camera, died.

I did get some pictures though, after tripping when I tried cutting some people like the other girls I saw:

If you’re reading this Alison: I couldn’t find or call Chang since there was nobody manning the front of I-House and I couldn’t find you so I enjoyed the Lanterns all by myself.



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