Day 76

The goguma search is put on hold for it’s time to reunite with an old friend: alcohol. KIDDING!

Today I finally met up with Sarah and Ross after all the midterms, separate travel adventures, and what-not that had kept us apart. We grabbed dinner at a small, cozy restaurant in Sinchon that mainly served different types of dumplings and noodles. We shared among ourselves two bowls of noodles and a plate of large, hot & steaming soup dumplings (they were a lot larger than the usual “Shanghai Dumplings.”

Afterwards we chilled at two different bars, which was nice because I finally got to drink wine after over 2 months of being deprived of it, while the other two got the Hoegardens that came along with the order of pizza. The set-back was the expense of everything, but a splurge once in awhile is okay right?



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