Shameless Shenanigan #3: Hello Kitty Museum

On October 24th, during my 3rd day in Jeju Island, Alison, Stacey, Joanne, and I agreed to commit one of the most sneakiest things we would get away with during our tourism.

After our tour at Osulloc Tea Museum, we had time for 1 more touristy place to go and all agreed upon the Hello Kitty Museum because: 1) we had passed it earlier, 2) it looked HUGE, and 3) it’s motherbuggin’ Hello Kitty we’re talking about hither! Little did we know, after taking taxi, that the museum would cost us EACH 12,000 W. Close to leaving without exploring the inside, we decide to check out the gift shop, but since it was locked we waited for a person to leave in order to sneak in. There Alison decided we should not waste our golden opportunity to sneak in because c’mon. We already paid a taxi driver to take us here. And the worst that could happen was getting thrown out. Oh! And we kind of also saw a group of Chinese tourists do the same thing. So why not?

And so here are the multitudes of Hello Kitty picturas after each of us snuck in. One-by-one…

We do not promote shenanigans of this nature as it is of childish nature and could ruin businesses if practiced by too many sneaky hoes. Just remember that we are cheap college students that shouldn’t be copied, although the fun in these pictures may tempt you to think otherwise.


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