Navigation Adventure #2: Kiss FM but NOT 102.7?

On November 1st, my Brazilian Korean amiga Debora was going to try out for a voice acting job. Apparently the radio station was called Kiss FM, so it makes me really question the amount of laws there may be, or that may be actually practiced, when it comes to copyright. I’m guessing none…

Anywho, after a brunch and day on the laptop, Debora and I head out to the place at 6p.m. since the auditions were being held at 7. Unfortunately, we made the greatest mistake of taking bus, which was trapped in traffic. Not as bad as LA’s, but the kind when it’s rush hour and everyone’s trying to get home. After being on the bus until 7:40ish (yes we are SO LATE by now), and going through one stop on the subway, we were using my dying phone as means of navigating us to this so called “Kiss FM.” Sadly, nobody would help us or would give us the ol’ “Sorry no English” even when Debora would speak in KOREAN to them. Even a security guard at a building the phone navigated us to couldn’t figure out where this fake-Korean “Kiss FM” was.IMG_20141101_200651

By 7:50-8ish, we finally went through this back way and magically found the radio station. The neighborhood we walked down was super creepy and sketch at first though since it was so dark and there was barely any kind of lighting around. For a place near Gangnam, you’d think the RADIO STATION / RECORDING STUDIO would be more in the open or at least in a non-kidnapping area of town. Anyways, glad we found the place and I forced Debora doing the audition (DUDES she started gettin’ stage fright and wanted to chicken out of it!) because we actually BARELY MADE IT on time for Debora to be the last person to audition. Even though it was a 2 hour adventure, Debora and I got to be in a legit studio and recording room, I got 2 lollipops while I listened and watched, and well.. more girl bonding adventuras con mi Deborita ❤


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