Day 71

Happy Ha’rroween Errybodayyyyy!~

Looks like I’m going to have a mini-photoshoot kind of day at the Gyeongbokgung Palace because: 1) it’s fall, 2) I has a matching scarf for the season, 3) Stacey’s doing a real photoshoot for Joanne, and 4) there’s multiple tour groups that consist of Korean students that allow us to sneak in to save an extra 3,000 W. So instead of partying last night or tonight, I’m saving my pocket money and liver for an easy-going Halloween with Stacey, Alison, and Joanne.

Halloween ended with a cheap dinner, me finishing my midterm paper and sending it RIGHT BEFORE the movies, and us going to the theaters, a.k.a. MegaBox, for the first time in Korea to see Dracula, which actually wasn’t a scary movie (which I was expecting since I never watched the trailer and it was Halloween). It just had cool special effects and was action-like you could say. It was definitely no American Halloween, but let’s be real. Koreans don’t celebrate Halloween.



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