Day 67 (Jeju Day 6)

Goodbye Jeju-do! We enjoyed your SoCal-like weather, museums, expensive foods, and friendliest Koreans I’ve met so far, but it’s time to go back to saving money and living that studious college life.

Before Alison and Stacey were going to leave for their 11 o’clock flight, we had our last tourism at Gwandeokjeong Pavilion, where again we were the only ones exploring since it was the early morning. Afterwards, the group was reduced to Joanne & I. We accidentally got a tour from the cutest Ajusshi at the Hyanggyo Confucian Shrine & School when Joanne made eye contact and “half-waved” at the elderly couple.

Although my flight was supposed to be at 9p.m., I ended up going on standby for the 11:20a.m. flight home since I knew I’d go broke taking taxis everywhere and probably splurging on a seafood feast in Jeju. I also thought my body would give out from carrying “my life”/all my backpacking crap which now included extra weight from the things I bought. So funny enough but it turns out I got the flight change for free and ended up boarding and sitting right next to Alison. YUP! I ENDED UP ON ALISON & STACEY’S FLIGHT LAST MINUTE! Who stayed to see the Confucian Shrine/School and STILL CAUGHT UP? ME!!! Yaaahhhh~

UPDATE: Joanne missed her flight and had to wait to board the next available flight home!!! AHAHHAHAHHAHA!!! So now we can say that ALL 3 OF US missed a flight in our Jeju trip. Silly Joanne, didn’t I tell you to check-in and check if you memorized your itinerary’s departure times, NOT ARRIVAL TIME.



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