Day 66 (Jeju Day 5)

Look’s like it’s the last full day of Jeju, so we’re going to stay around the south, west, and southwest areas.

First off, we went to the Jeju National Museum after our free breakfast from the hostel. The girls wanted to also visit the Folklore Museum (which I had already went to on my 2nd day in Jeju) so I went to a Korean version of Albertson’s and bought $10 worth of Jeju candy, ranging from green tea to cactus flavored chocolates.

Next was tourism at the Rock Museum, where we became EXTREMELY informed about rocks, lava, and more Jeju legends.

After A LOT of walking, we bused our way to the largest Buddhist temple in all of South Korea – Yakcheonsa Buddhist Temple. We saw other tourists, people doing the “kneel and bow,” types of offerings performed, and the beautiful architecture as well as art inside the temple. We even saw a building for people who signed up for the temple stay.

Last but not least, we ended the night with going to the jimjilbang, which included the inevitable nakedness and seeing 100% of each other. Like.. LITERALLY! If this didn’t get us closer, I don’t know what else would.



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