Day 65 (Jeju Day 4)

Three waterfalls, two museums, and the most memorable Ajusshi in history.

On the fourth day in Jeju, we focused our outings in the southern area, where we first started our adventures at a beach where we collected black sand and rented dual waterbikes for about 40 minutes (although we wanted to try transparent kayaking *cry*). Next on the agenda was the sight-seeing of 3 different waterfalls at Cheonjeyeon Falls, which included our thighs and calves getting the biggest workout ever. Let’s just say there were 188 steps just to get down to the last waterfall, so you can imagine my lifeless, sweaty body crawling up the stairs by noon.

After lunch, we headed towards the Osulloc Tea Museum, where we looked at Jeju’s history of successful tea planting and exporting, multiple countries’ versions of tea sets, and overpriced products they had in store for us. I was SUPER close to indulging in buying their tote bags, teas, tea sets, and $7-10 snacks, but resisted with all my cheap-hoe-powers. The 2nd museum we ventured into was the Hello Kitty Museum, and let’s just say it was 12,000 W to get in but well.. we made the trip free. Tune in for another Shameless Shenanigan under my Adventure Time stories for the Hello Kitty incident and picturas-compilation…

One of the most memorable things of the night was when one of our previous taxi drivers (the one who had dropped us off at the Hello Kitty Museum) drove us for over an hour all the way from southern Jeju to northern Jeju for ONLY 15,000 W!!! Usually a 20-30 minute drive would cost that amount!!!

Last but not least, we ended the night with underground shopping. I mean… we did save a LOT of money after the act of kindness from that kind taxi driver. Yay for kindness~



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