Day 64 (Jeju Day 3)

Waking up early at around 5:22a.m., Alison, Stacey, Joanne, and I headed towards the Eastern area of Jeju-do for the day. We biked around Udo Island for 2 hours and then met up with Stacey’s long time pen pal Onyou. After indulging in a lunch consisting of many side dishes (yay for free refills) and a pricey 4,000 W peanut ice cream that Udo was famous for, we enjoyed some history at the Haenyeo Museum, which informed us about the famous diving women of Jeju known as haenyeo. Apparently they can hold their breaths for ~2 minutes, more or less, can dive from 10-20 meters deep, and used to practice this method of gathering abalones and seafood without any kind of diving gear (with the exception of “old school” goggles).

Pending picturas to be stolen from Alison & others soon…

After splitting up from Onyou, we headed towards the Manjanggul Cave, where we walked the cold, dripping undergrounds that had been formed by dried lava. Quickly running out of time, since the majority of museums and sights closed between 5-7p.m., we ended our fun at the Trick Art Museum. The day technically ended with us wandering towards this “Folklore Town” of some sort, but due to the lack of sun, creepiness of where we landed, we took the next bus home.

More pictures to follow mine. These are just taken from my phone and there may be duplicates:



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