Day 63 (Jeju Day 2)

What do you do when you’re too scared to expose your American fats everywhere during the jimjilbang experience? Just go to the sauna at 4a.m. DUH!

After my jimjilbang experience, which includes the 4 soy sauce-browned eggs, overpriced ramen, nudity in the sauna, multiple levels of heated rooms, and sleeping on the ground alongside multiple ajusshis and ajummas, I ventured out around the North of Jeju trying to find a beach.

Better than finding the beach, I spotted KAL Hotel which lead me to seeing both the Samseonghyeol Shrine and Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum. Before I’d meet up with Stacey, Alison, and Joanne, I explored, took multiple picturas, and was given preferential treatment (i.e. English versions of videos being put up for me which would leave a group of 10 tourists not understanding the video).

By 3 or 4p.m., Alison, Stacey, and I had met up and found our hostel, HK Jeju, to check-in to. When Joanne caught up with us, we walked to this “docking/fishing” area to sight see. Then we went to Dongduam Rock, also known as Dragonhead Rock, where many tourists were taking pictures, taking in Jeju’s tangerines and multitudes of chocolates. Afterwards, we dined at Siam Thai Restaurant to fulfill our long-desired craving of Thai food. I highly recommend the meal set that is a family styled 8 dish meal for 68,000 W. Our day ended with our laughable adventure at the one and only sex museum called Love Land. I’ll say it was a 9,000 W worth spent and if I could, would go during the day. Pictures to follow in an “Amuse Me” post due to graphic picturas.

Forgive me for not deleting duplicates but uploading made me lazy so I didn’t organize or delete like I should’ve.



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