Day 62 (Jeju Day 1)

Flight to Jeju at 8:20a.m. Woke up at 7:04a.m. Will I make it on my flight?

Maybe it was my discovery of Pottermore last night after midnight or maybe it was my delay in finishing my laundry and packing on time, but after waking up an hour later than I had intended, I missed my flight by 7 minutes, even after booking it faster than Road Runner and even taking taxi. Then again.. my taxi driver did drop me off at the International terminal instead of Domestic. But alas, my youthful, innocent face gives me good fortune for instead of gaining a “missed flight” fee, I got to go on the 1 o’clock flight with an extra 1,100 W to boot! YAY ME!

After naps in the airport, creeping on kids, being on a delayed flight, I landed in paradise Jeju-do by 2:45. With a cheap spirit, and enthusiasm of a free student that just finished midterms, I ventured out on Bus #500 and well.. got lost. As usual… So the entirety of the day was spent with me exploring, getting lost, falling asleep on another bus and getting more lost, and then grabbing a taxi to a jimjilbang. So for the first time in my life, I experienced the Korean spa and sauna, with the included semi-public nakedness, that is the jimjilbang. I had to prepare myself because on Sunday I knew I’d be going full nakers in front of Alison, Stacey, and Joanne, so I went to the naked area of jimjilbang at 4a.m. Which reduced my embarrassment to seeing 4 ajummas; 3 whom stared my exposed American fats down. But I survived! Thank Jebus. And I even test trialed the heated sauna rooms (a 33 and 55deg room), which I fell asleep and woke up drenched in sweat from. Other than getting lost and being behind in my sightseeing, I at least got to see the jimjilbang.



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