Yonsei Adventure #2: Yonko Jeon

I know I already spoke of this quite a number of times and how it was the first time in history Yonsei was the BIGGEST LOSER ever by losing ALL 5 competitions, but now I have pictures stolen off of Joanne (THANKEES HUNNAAYYYY~).

About a week and a half ago around mid-October was the Yonko Jeon: a rivalry of sports competitions between Yonsei and Korea University consisting of baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and rugby. Because of there being 5 games altogether, the Yonko Jeon was split into two days, with Friday consisting of baseball, basketball, and ice hockey, while the Saturday right after consisted of soccer and rugby. Since I had class I pretty much stayed for only the opening ceremony and entire first inning of baseball. I gave Sarah Yang my free basketball ticket I got the Wednesday I was grabbing a free Yonsei t-shirt (Woohoo! Free stuff. YAHHH!), and didn’t want to pay to watch ice hockey. Good thing too. Buncha losers…. Man it feels weird being used to going to a school of sports “gods” (*cough cough Mater Dei HS) and then landing in a school that can’t win ONE competition. Anyways, the baseball game was a joke so I’m also glad I left early. The only redeeming quality the Yonko Jeon had to offer were the celebrity and funny video tributes to Yonsei.

So below we can marvel at the pristine images I stole to remember that Friday morning I wasted to watch the opening ceremony, miss the start of the 1st inning because apparently Koreans don’t watch the sports competitions and would rather just jump around singing and cheering and watching the “cheer masters” or whatever they are called. I might have wasted my Friday morning, but what the hey. Yonsei is so rich everyone who came got goody bags. REALLY! Like as it a cheap backpack, magazines, a medium-large chocolate muffin, milk, and of course the baseball noisemakers. You know right? The ones that you blow up.

But before I share the stolen picturas, here’s all the reasons Yonko Jeon was pretty much a joke:

1) No real sport spirit. For some reason, I thought Koreans liked and/or were good at baseball. But from the morning I was there until 12:30, I didn’t even know when the game had started. There literally was no cue in telling the audience to pipe the eff down and sit and watch the game. Right after the opening ceremony was a continuous watching and dancing and cheering along with the “cheer masters” or squad in their gaudy outfits. I couldn’t believe I had missed a quarter of the first inning and that even after I pointed out to others that the game had started, everyone continued to follow the crowd with the school cheers. It was as if the Yonko Jeon was a school “cheer day” festival with sports in the background as white noise.
2) Lack of athleticism. SERIOUSLY! The 15-30 minutes I watched the baseball game was actually the most frustrating and annoying minutes of sporting history I’ve ever endured. I’m pretty sure they were on par with American Little League, but they’re not children. It ain’t cute watching them unable to pitch, constantly be throwing balls, or hitting fouls, or the times they do hit the ball it goes straight towards first base. It’s a surprise the game ended at 5-3. That means they actually successfully got 3 men to run around the entire bases. 3) Sucking. No explanation required. There was just an array of straight up SUCKING. I didn’t watch all the games, but I did have the ears to hear from every other person who went to 1 or 2 other games of the horrors of how much we sucked, couldn’t score a goal, lacked offense, etc. ETC. ETC!!!
4) Fake competitive rivalry. What I mean by this is that it pretty much felt like a Kindergarten game vibe. Yonsei and Korean University students are NOWHERE CLOSE to how competitive Mater Dei was against Servite and vice versa. There’s no booing, “you suck,” or ANY kind of jeering. Everyone even partied together after Yonsei lost all 5 games!!! You’d think we’d run away embarrassed but no. All was so friendly, but like.. HAPPY for the other team. Like… EW! Where’s that burning passion to crush your rival?! Anyone? No?

From the Goddess Joanne:


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