Amuse Me Adventure #3: Fall and Festivals

Dear Joanne,
Thankees por zeh beautifurr picturas via joo Nikon IV. I haven’t asked permission yet since it’s 2:18a.m. and I am in the midst of an all-nighter, but I will in el futuro if you’re okay with me uploading/ already uploading these onto my blog. Hokkayy? Hokkay.

On Saturday, October 18, I decided to give myself a break from midterms and venture out to a “festival” (and I insert the quotes because Korea generally uses “festival” for any kind of event: big, small, meaningful, meaningless; you get the picture) that was supposedly for promoting Environmental Awareness or nature of the sort. But really it was just a herd of Koreans, as well as us foreigners, enjoying multitudes of picture-taking, selfies (or selcas as the Koreans call it), and overall chilling. Alison, Stacey, and I wore our Nike’s expecting there to be 319 steps for us to take to get to the top, but we kind of missed the stairs section and went up this crazy long steep hill that made me sweat buckets. Joanne was the amazing photographer of the day so of course I stole about 50% of them. Okay maybe 90% but I’m asking her later if she’s fine with it (*crossing my fingers*). Other than the beautiful weather, day, and people, I had an amazing break from midterms.

Below are the stolen goods off of the book of faces:

The order MAY be a tad off for some of these…


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