Day 54

Dear Savages on the 2nd floor,

Communal living means living together. This means everyone should clean their crap up, know how to flush the toilet, not leave out “used” monthly products, “drip” unsightly messes, wash hands, NOT do laundry of STAINED undergarments in the sinks WE ALL BRUSH OUR TEETH AND WASH OUR FACE IN, etc. The list goes on and on, and I’d like to not re-live it as best as possible, but nightmares often invade my germaphobic-self and I fear I may soon commit mass homicide. There be MANY angry notes I’d like to write, but for now I hope today’s post-it note about not bleeding everywhere and instructions of using soap when washing hands after toilet-usage helps. Bless everyone else on the 2nd floor who understands the dangers of germs, pink eye, and bacterial infection. May the soap gods bless this dorm.



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