Day 51

Looks like I’m going to have to be used to being on the losing side because for the 1st time in history, Yonsei lost ALL 5 sports competitions to Korea University…

Thank goodness I decided not to join in on watching the continuation of the Yonko games today because we lost in both soccer and rugby. Afterwards there apparently was a LOT of heavy drinking involved and let’s just say a certain friend got yakked on. Grody…

So yes, I for once did nothing fun today except for a dinner cooking session with Debora. One of these days I’ll have to remember to take pictures because are salad-combination is the best (TOTALLY bragging and everything): a toss of 2 kinds of lettuce, baby tomatoes, salted and peppered grilled chicken, grilled (& non-grilled) onions, chopped mushrooms, topped with scrambled eggs, and balsamic vinegar.

Hopefully by the end of this weekend I finish my midterm paper for Politics & Society of North Korea so that the rest of the week I can focus on Stats and Food Microbio. Midterms is coming~



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