Day 50

Let’s go Yonsei! *clap clap *clap clap clap*
Let’s go Yonsei!!!

What better Friday than to have the Yonko games – a rivalry between Yonsei and Korea University as comparable as Mater Dei and Servite’s (if anyone can relate), that consists of 5 sports competitions that include baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and rugby. To get to the stadium with the majority of the students in the Mentor’s Club, I woke up to get to the free bus parked near the KLI building at 8:15ish in the morning. Alison, Stacey, and I got split up from the group but we found our way to the Yonsei seating area eventually.

Since Stacey and I had class at 1p.m. for our Politics & Society of North Korea, we only stayed until 11:30, which was around the time the first inning in baseball ended since the opening ceremony for the games was at 9ish, and the game started at 10. Good thing we left early too because it was the WORST baseball playing I’ve ever had to witness. I’m pretty sure my high school team played thrice as good as they did. Let’s just say I was EXTREMELY surprised we scored any home runs when it was reported Yonsei lost 3-5 to Korea University.

Well, tonight I hope to avoid all drunkards since losers “host” the parties and drinking location, and today’s results included a loss in all 3 competitions of the day: baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. At least Yonsei’s known for having rich kids? I mean the school did pay for famous people like K-pop girl group Sistar and actor Woo Bin give out “hwaiting” messages to the school teams. Let’s just hope tomorrow isn’t as bad as today.

UPDATE: After Pol.&Soc. N.K. class with Stacey, we headed to Idae, got me new glasses frames for 20,000 W, backpack for 10,000 W, clothes for 5,000 W a piece, a new pair of shades for 10,000 W, and socks for 1,000 W a pair. So Hooray for new things! Guess I’m celebrating by wearing my monkey pj’s tonight.



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