Day 49

Happy Hangeul Day Errybodayyy! Thanks King Sejong for the extra holiday, because nothing beats having no class on Wednesdays, than having no class on both Wednesday AND a Thursday during the week.

Another extra free day means another adventure around Seoul palace viewing and what-not. With a late start of the day due to oversleeping and losing my palace ticket packet (meaning losing ~$7 *sniffle*), Alison, Stacey, and I ended up only visiting the Jongmyo Royal Shrine at 4:00p.m. Navigating to the palace was quite a complication, but after being energized from lunch, the 500 W street snack, and much question asking, we ended up at the right place.

After the Jongmyo Palace tour, we decided to head to City Hall for the Paper Festival, but ended up seeing a mini (or practice) fashion show as well as some gymnastic performance.



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