Non-Korean Cuisine #2: Belgian Brunch

If you’ve been in Korea for a long enough time in which you’ve realized that they do not have REAL bread, then Big Bread is just for you! And yes, when I say Korea lacks REAL bread, I mean it. Their bread is never toasted, usually VERY SOFT, seems like it should only be part of pastries or desserts, and is just plain WRONG to be called bread or toast. Really now, why do all of the breads in Korea taste like white bread or sweetened bread?

So as planned, Casey, Debora, and I headed for a popular restaurant on our way in Sinchon called Big Bread. Apparently all the meals are cooked by their one and only Belgian chef who’s name I don’t recall. This hidden gem of a place is located below a Starbucks, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled. Outside you’ll see a menu and an included advertising picture above of the two girls from the Korean show Tasty Road, posed with the chef.

The menu included not only lunch and dinner dishes, but cocktails, beers, and desserts as well. They had a variety of dishes from both Italy and Belgium. Debora ordered the chicken pita, Casey ordered the Croque Madam, and I ordered the pizza bageutte. The wait time was not long at all, and it felt even shorter of a wait when they served us all free vegetable soup on the house. The consistency of the soup reminded me of mushroom soup from the warm, creamy broth. I was afraid they might have overly peppered it, but it was actually the perfect amount, where we could just catch a whiff of the seasoning.

Debora’s Chicken Pita was delightful, with a very heavy bread that went nicely with the finely cooked and cut pieces of chicken in it. Casey’s Croque Madam consisted of a sunny side up egg on top of a toasted cheese & ham sandwich, which was the perfect brunch combination. She also had a side of lettuce with a strange mixture I couldn’t figure out: tuna, crab meat, something?? Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of it because I had dove into my Pizza Baguette, topped with olives and cilantro, along with its perfect cheese and tomato sauce proportions. Usually I’m picky when it comes to cheese, but the amount was perfect. The baguette was toasted nicely where I could easily crunch down on it, but still enjoy the soft middle where the cheese, tomato, and toppings lay. The prices were definitely worth the meals, because even sharing bits of each others breads, lettuce, eggs, and slices of baguette, we all felt stuffed.

Recommendations to the chef: Try not to cook the ham on the Croque Madam too much where it ends up losing any kind of soft texture to it. Maybe just cook it to a warming temperature while the only crunchy part of this dish is the toast. Other than that it’s all gold stars from here because we LOVE that all the breads are cooked from the kitchen and that the consistencies of flavors can be easily noticed and appreciated.
Recommendations to the restaurant: Please change the “lunch hour special” to somewhere along the times of 11a.m.-2p.m. or 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m. because it makes no sense that “lunch” begins from morning, and ends at 12p.m. Customers WILL buy your meal sets, but you just have to make it available for us.

Next time when I feel like splurging on desserts like their crème brûlée, or even a wine and an appetizer, I’ll be sure to return to Big Bread and remember to give my compliments to the chef!

Overall Rating: 9/10


One thought on “Non-Korean Cuisine #2: Belgian Brunch

  1. John Bocskay

    Nice post. I blog about Korea too – not strictly about food, but coincidentally my most recent post is about ggomjangeo bokkeum – one of the most bizarre animals eaten anywhere in my opinion, but a tasty dish if you’ve never tried it. If you have a minute, visit us at Sweet Pickles and Corn. Cheers, enjoy, and good luck!



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