Day 45

Praise the Trinity I’ve found me a church that has sermons in English. Can I get an Amen?~

So it looks like I’ve found a church-going buddy because as it turns out, Debora is Christian and has already found an English speaking church (Jubilee Church). Located in Gangnam, we pretty much spent the entire day going there and attending both the Mass and Bible group meeting. It was really relaxing and nice going to Mass again for a change. I really enjoyed some of the differences I saw in the Mass compared to Catholic Masses: 1) the Communion bread being REAL bread vs. the circular Eucharist, 2) getting to dip the bread in wine, 3) having a speaker and more singing vs. readings, and 4) the fact that the entire Mass was not conducted in a strict, orderly manner. I guess Sundays will really be a day of rest and worship, because Debora and I got back around 7p.m. to eat our salmon salad. YUM!

Oh! And a second exciting thing of the day was when we finished Bible group, we happened across a shopping street and saw popular department stores. As I guessed, everything was SUPER EXPENSIVE (e.g. Hollister selling long “on sale” long sleeve shirts for ~$26). At least we got freebies at Diesel, which included getting our nail (JUST ONE) painted, fake tattoos, and cotton candy!!! To be honest, we did all the hashtagging, picture taking, and free tattoo-ing for the sake of the cotton candy. The things we do for sugar~



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