Day 44

Costco Wholesale in Korea?!? Looks like my kind of Saturday.

The day started with a SUPER late brunch at Big Bread with Debora and Casey. This place actually had a LEGIT Belgian chef working it, and the place had been on a popular Korean television show: Tasty Road, where two Korean girls just venture out, try new restaurants, and review the place. I give it a 9/10 for the free soup, light ambiance, and quality food. Let’s just say, we really miss REAL bread.

After our filling meals, we met up with Annujin (Casey’s roommate) and Michelle (a girl from Indonesia) to go to Costco. YUP! Costco! The best place in the world!!! It was only 4 stops away by subway and we were on a mission for saving grocery bills and cheesecake. Now, when going to Seoul’s Costco, I’ll give you this heads up:
IMAG03991) the free samples are less in variety and amount compared to the Costco in California (so you WON’T be able to get your meals-worth from just getting free samples for an hour; majority of the samples were drinks anyways)
2) the Korean shoppers are SAVAGES; although it’s Costco, it still feels like an “Asian market” with the pushing, lack of “sorry” or “excuse me,” inability to be in lines unless shoved or positioned into one, and scary amount of crowding that occurs around free samples, or quality deal products
3) majority of what you buy will still be MORE expensive than in America (even in bulk); I don’t know what’s up with Korea but grocery shopping is so darn expensive, from buying fruits (8 bananas for 2,890 W) to cereal (biggest cereal size box for 8,990 W). My cheap Asian heart is pained at every extra dollar lost.

So if you’re a lazy hoe that doesn’t mind the quality, cheap meals provided and cooked for already around Seoul, DON’T do anything grocery shopping (unless you just wanted deliciously terrible stuff like pies, cakes, or alcohol at Costco). As for me, I got a pretty good haul and look forward to going to Costco more often, especially during Thanksgiving week so I can splurge and finally buy wine.



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