Shameless Shenanigan #2: Waking Up with a Korean Flag

So what happens when you wake up with a Korean flag draped on yourself? Start piecing back the puzzle and nightly adventure, along with facebook messaging friends because they just might have pics.

shenanigansApparently I:
1) tried to steal a giant Korean flag, but was stopped by Debora (during the FIRST attempt),
2) took pictures on someone’s mini-motorcycle “JUST BECAUSE”,
3) followed Alison and Stacey “because I had the munchies” right when we were about to reach the dorms,
4) spoke in slurred English, as well ANYTHING that popped into my head (e.g. “That guy in the booth next to us has SUCH A BIG NOSE like OH MY GODDDD why is he so UGGGHHHhh!”),
5) made Debora take pictures of me with a car that looked like it was Bumblebee from Transformers,
6) tried to convince a cop to take me back to the dorms so I didn’t have to walk, and
7) successfully clepto-thieveried (yes I verbed it) a Korean flag and took it home to my room (since there were multiple along the streets for Korea’s National Founder’s Day).

I can no longer say “Pics or it didn’t happen.” Thanks for taking care of me last night Debora!!!


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