Day 41

Who feels like taking a mini-movie break with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney?

Today there was a free movie viewing at the 8th floor of Samsung Library at 6:45p.m. So Stacey and I got to the rooftop area early at 6 to get good seating. We were mainly sitting on green padding they had laid on the ground and then got free stuff: mini-blankets, coffee/tea/cola/water, and packaged custard pastries. Alison met up with us after her KLI class was done and we watched Gravity, where as you all should know, includes 91 minutes of Sandra Bullock tumbling around in space in a series of events that become jarringly worse and worse.

After dinner at Pomato with Stacey, Alison, and Sarah Y, we split up (Alison & Stacey to Stacey’s goshiwon and then a cafe; Sarah Y & me towards the school). I ended up seeing the same street vendor ajusshi selling his hot red bean-filled fish breads (bungeoppang), so of course I decided to line up and buy some. I mean, 3 fishies for 1,000 W? THAT’S A STEAL!!!

I’m probably looking into this more than I should, but me thinks the ajusshi smiled at me and gave me an extra fishie because he remembered the incredible me. TAKE THAT KOREAN COUPLE IN FRONT OF ME! 4 fishies for ~$1! FOR ME! MEEEEEE!!!!

KAMSAMNIDAAAAAA AJUSSHI!!! Now I’m re-charged for some library studying… or just fatter for the sacrifice.



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