Day 40

Is it me or does it kind of seem wrong to have to write up a report about a lab spoken in another language I don’t comprende?

So if being taught Stats in Eng’rish wasn’t bad enough, the three foreigners (Waqas, Rachel, and myself included) WILL in fact have to write-up a lab report along with the rest of the class even though the lab was: 1) performed in Korean, 2) spoken in Korean, and 3) explained in Korean. Wait what? So what the heck am I writing? How in the name of baby Jesus are we to write up an Intro, Purpose, Materials & Methods, Results, and Discussion into our paper? Okay so maybe he gave us the results in English after I asked, so we’ll get that section down, but umm… THE REST?!

Well, if he was honest about “not really grading the homework, but only checking that [we] complete everything required,” than I’ll be happier than Scrooge swimming in a pool of gold. Actually, right now I’d wish I was Scrooge swimming in a pool of gold because then I wouldn’t have to worry about school.



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