Day 39

🎼 All I do is win win win no matter what ♫

I just MIGHT have technically gotten kicked out of ping pong class today for winning too much… Okay maybe I’m over-exaggerating, but I did win all my ping pong games in my bracket today. And since the professor said that the first month would be for “practice matches and determining ranking” (No idea what that means. Maybe to see your playing level and who you match up against in the future? Or who you match up with when we start learning how to play doubles?), I ended up getting to leave 40 minutes early after beating 4 dudes and having no one else left to play/wanting to play against me. Not sure if I should take this as an insult or compliment…

Don’t you hate it when you already upload pictures or an album or blog post AND LATER get more/better pictures? Well… here are 3 out of the many picturas Alison sent over. Lazy me… hehe:

day 39

Death by studying

In crappy news, today the school library closed at 10p.m. so Stacey, Alison, and I pretty much got kicked out today. The only thing available was the 24-hour “study room,” but it was TOO INTENSE where all you see are white, small cubicles with hardcore studying going on. If I wanted to study by myself, then I wouldn’t have come to the library with a couple of friends. So of course I opted to go back to my room to finish my Korea-US Relations notes.

It’s okay though. Stacey was tired, as you can see her on the left knocking out. Teehee.



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