Day 38

Yay Korean Palaces!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a month I haven’t explored any palaces. I mean I technically went to one palace already (Deoksugung Pungnyu) to see that BORING performance that made me fall asleep with my eyes open, but I never really SAW saw it y’know?

palaceSo Sunday, Alison allowed my presence to bless her, along with her LE partner Jiwon, and explore the Gyeongbokgung Palace. To save money, you can buy the “series ticket” which allows you to go to 4 palaces in total for only 10,000 W, rather than spending 3,000 W per palace. There’s also a month time limit, so it looks like I’m going to 3 more palaces soon. Woohoo!

We explored quite a bit and Jiwon’s app showed that we took over 8,000 steps by the time we left the palace to eat lunch.


Shrimp Udon

Alison and I had shrimp tempura udon and unlimited miso soup. That’s right. UNLIMITED!!! But next time I’m thinking I’d like to indulge in some good sushi. And I’m not talking california rolls, I’m thinking sashimi like fatty tuna or yellow tail. MMmmm…

Apparently for Donghyun’s birthday Mary and Alison went to a sushi place that had all-you-can-eat for just 22,000 W. SO YOU KNOW I’M KEEN! But if my sushi limit in 1 hour is only 22 pieces, than I’d rather go back to this place because it has a 22 piece sushi set for 20,000 W. Gotta play it smart with the money y’know?

Here be zeh picturas I took throughout the palace tour. I’m too lazy to delete copies so uhh… yeah:



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