Fear Factor #1: Cup O’ Larva

If you’ve read Day 37’s excerpt, you might’ve noticed a brief mentioning of me eating larva. That’s right, I did it! I consumed the delicacy that is bugs. BUGS!

If you’re exiting Yeouinaru (by either bus #753 or gate 3 of the Purple Line / Line #5) while on the way towards the Han River, you’ll happen across many grannies and uncles selling various street food, from dried squid, fried chicken, cotton candy, or delicacies like Beondegi, 번데기. Beondegi, also known as silkworms, or larva, apparently is able to be consumed by 60% of Koreans. Or.. at least that’s what Yunik informed me. I mean he is from Jeju, so he probs knows what’s up right?

So I was the crazy hoe who instead of buying “normal human snacks” like cotton candy, took the initiative to purchase the 2,000 W cup o’ larva from the kind Ajjumma and feasted like a peasant. But no really, a PEASANT. Apparently it smelled REALLY BAD, but I didn’t notice it. I popped one in my mouth hesitantly and DUUUUUUUDES!!! Each one was differing in how much it might have squished, popped, or squirted in my mouth. It tasted like a mushy or liquidized assortment of nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanuts, etc. It really wasn’t gag-worthy or as “Fear Factor”-y as I had imagined, so yes. I DID scarf down ALL OF IT! I mean not the bottom soupy leftover part, but each little bug. I ATE IT. Each freaky looking insect in my cup. I ATE IT. And the last bite of my 2,000 W purchase. I ATE IT.

Check it out:

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Overall FEAR Rating: 3 out of 5


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