Day 37

I may or may not have invented the “Yogi Bear.” That or maybe I’ve just reached next level shameless.

Today was supposed to be a simple lunch, Han River outing, and Korean hangout, which is what Yunik had described to me and I relayed to Alison to convince her to accompany me on this spur of the moment / last minute plan. Let’s just say besides having a normal lunch as planned, a 1+1 deal at Baskin Robins that consisted of 6 flavors, and eating Fear Factor level larva in a cup, Alison and I ended up joining Yunik in on joining in on a random group’s potluck picnic at the Han River. YUP! RANDOM GROUP. AS IN: NOT. HIS. FRIENDS.

I’m not proud of what I did, but what the hey! Traveling, the need for survival, and just being in another country where you’ll never run into possible enemies can really change a person. I mean… I really REALLY like food. And I really REALLY didn’t know the situation I was in until AFTER Yunik got us to join the group of strangers. So let’s not be too critical of what was committed, and how I took off to rent bikes with Alison, and may or may not have pulled a 2nd “Yogi Bear” stunt in the dorm lounge to get a Krispy Kreme donut from Aileen (that one Vietnamese homegirl / Casey’s amiga). I mean… it was FREE… and I WAS doing her the favor of lessening her dozen-load of diabetic goodness.



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