Day 36

Puedo hablar español un poco, pero… NO HANGUL EN MI VOCABULARIO!!!

After a long day of tasks, from school to finding the building that Minyoung and my “Korea-US Relations” professor left our class book for scanning and copying at, I experienced the language exchange cafe with Mary & Gang in Sinchon. Besides talking to native Koreans, who most likely were there to use us for the extra English practice, I ended up spotting the chick I had seen last week at the Let’s Rock Concert – Megan. She convinced me to hangout with her and some other local Koreans and I ended up indulging in a kimchi jiggae, omelette of some sort, and makgeolli. I also might have been tricked into saying some very bad Korean phrases tonight.

The night ended QUITE LATE, but I had earned some kakao ID’s, the knowledge that not ALL Koreans are in, or want to be in, a relationship, a new assumption that Korean girls LOVE to curse, and plans for Saturday with Yunik (1 of the 3 Korean friends that night).



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