Day 35

♫ Don’t wake me up ’til it’s all over ♪

After a grueling night-and-morning-long battle of studying Stats, I realized that the class lecture would proceed at 11a.m., although the exam was already from 8-8:50. I thought it was a sick, cruel joke, but no. Karen said the professor had even reminded us to show up to class, and I couldn’t miss roll call, because I want at least a perfect attendance since there’s no way I’ll get a perfect score on Exam 1 after 50 minutes of rushing, and the inability to finish 4 pages FRONT AND BACK. NOBODY FINISHED!!! NOBODY!!! I’m sure of it… like… 99.99% sure.

If anybody got higher than a 90% without a curve, I’m drop-kicking as many classmates as I can to eliminate competition… Anyways, sleepy hoe #65 (yes apparently they like to assign us numbers to make roll call easier) is knocking out. No nightmares por favor.



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