Snacky Snack #1: “Fish Ultima”

On a quest for the deliciousness that was the ice cream in Pei Hsia’s Instagram collection, we wandered Sinchon after a filling dinner. The hunger for sugar was strong in us, when suddenly Alison, Stacey, and I stumbled upon the holy grail of a street snack I have dubbed and named “Fish Ultima.”

Come to me "Fish Ultima"

Come to me “Fish Ultima”

For the cheap price of 3,000 W, this delicious post-dinner treat can be eaten between 1-2 humans depending on the amount of hunger, or selfishness for this sugary delight. At Sinchon Station this street snack has begun to be sold since this mid-September, coming in two flavors: 1) red bean, and 2) custard.

Note: The flavors mentioned are NOT related to the ice cream, but rather the FILLING inside of the breaded “Fish.”

With a cute little spoon, excitement for sweets, and empty mouth, you’re ready to dive into “Fish Ultima.” Start with a spoonful of the fruity, lightly sweet soft serve ice cream, topped with chocolate and nuts. Or maybe grab the stick of chocolate coated fruits and eat that grape and pineapple right off. Still not satisfied? Take in the carbs that come along with the “Fish Ultima” bread that shields your hands from mess.Still a messy hoe? Napkins were not the thin rinky-dink ones that rip at the touch of a pinky.

Next time I will visit the Ahjumma for the red bean flavor because the custard filling was a tad too thick and sugary for me since it was only at the end of the “Fish,” which really can make a full 5’2″ girl thirstier than she should be. I just prefer going from a lightly sweet ice cream flavor to another lightly sweet filling because the custard fills out when biting the “Fish” too quickly, and causing a sticky mess to spill out. Let’s just say messy eaters like me is better suited with fillings that stay a bit more still. Soo.. it looks like I have an excuse to get another “Fish Ultima” soon yah?

Do I have diabetes yet? No? Then it’s time to find more snacks.

Overall Rating: 9/10


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