Day 34

T-Minus 12 hours until my fricken Stats exam. Hopefully I’ve taught myself everything according to how my professor would want me to show my work, solve, and answer the problems. And hopefully I finish within 60 minutes time, may baby Jesus help me.

On a happier note, this sweaty American has received 2 sticks of deodorant and Q-tips from Kim, aka the Dragon Lord’s / Mama Bui’s Korean friend. That’s right! I actually was able to meet her and the “Homestay’s” at the same time, meaning ACTUAL REAL COMMUNICATION for once. No longer was it a day of charades or Korean being talked down to me while I nodded in ignorance, but rather a happy time in which I could have my Korean texts and messages decoded for me. It was also way WAY easier going to my laser removal appointment this time round (yes, by the time Korea has burned my pit roots out, I shall no longer worry about the complications of waxing or shaving thither).

Now to go find Karen in SK Global and study until my 8a.m. exam. YUP! 8a.m.!!! For a class that’s supposed to be at 11a.m., WHY HAS IT MOVED TO A DIFFERENT BUILDING AND 8A.M. FOR JUST THE EXAMS WHY?!?!



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