Tip 7: Public Transportation 101

Since I’m feeling this would be too lengthy to write “First of all, second of all’s, etc.” I’m going to jump into the bullet points for lazy hoes because well… I am one as well. So let’s get started shall we my fellow compadres~

List / Summary for Lazy Hoes

  1. Figure out and GET a public transport card   a. T-money or POP cards which are easily purchasable at almost any convenience stores (G-25, CU store, etc.) for 2,500 W
    b. Student ID’s IF POSSIBLE (I only know that Yonsei’s student ID is able)
    c. Debit cards (so if you have a bank card, like a Woori one, it can be utilized)
    d. (OPTION ONLY for subways) Buying either a 1 or 2-way ticket
  2. Decide on mode of transportation: bus or subway
  3. Load up money on your card unless you already have it loaded up
    a. Buses are cheaper than subways I believe, and subways should be baseline 1,050 W
    b. Distances between start and exit will usually determine the extra cost (for BOTH buses and subways), but I just don’t know the amount so uhh… look it up or start seeing the pattern??
  4. Swipe the scanner before entering the bus or subway AND remember to swipe a second time before exiting the mode of transport. (On subways there is usually no way of entering or exiting without swiping so do not worry, but as for buses… DONT FORGET TO SWIPE BEFORE GETTING OFF OR YOUR CARD IS GOING TO RUN OUT OF $$$ FROM THE BUS THINKING UR TAKING IT FOREVER!!! Yes kiss that card, or money on it goodbye because distances COUNT.)
  5. Know your exit and keep track of the number of stops or at least when it’s time to get off
    Note: For both subway and bus, you may need to know if your bus or subway line is directly going to your last stop. If not, find out what the transfer it. QUICKLY. BEFORE YOU LEAVE.
  6. Know the direction you’re traveling in (signs and maps be ERRYWHERE). Don’t eff this one up. Even a dingleberry could figure it out. AS FOR BUSES: I get confused with the direction it travels in because not all bus signs are in English too. So CHECK with someone or figure out if it’s the correct bus / correct side of the street for that specific # bus so as not to travel the long way.
  7. GET OFF YOUR EXIT. It’s pretty self explanatory since both buses and subways will have an announcing box that speaks pretty clearly, as well as an electronic sign indicating with both Hanguel and romanized letters of the upcoming exit.

So get it? GOT IT?! Pretty simple right? The only tricky one is the direction your bus may be traveling in, but the map at the bus station pretty much tells you in which the direction your bus is traveling. It just doesn’t always have the romanized words for the stops so that can be challenging. Other than that, traveling by public transport is cheap, easy, and 90% the same for both bus and subway system.


2 thoughts on “Tip 7: Public Transportation 101

  1. Quang

    LOLZ … OC privilege. Not having to take public transportation in 21 years of existence. I would say most people are familiar with public transport.



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