Tip 6: How to Get to the Seoul Immigration Office

So if you didn’t re-read my updated version of “Tip 3: Alien Registration,” I’ll start by saying that I WAS LIED TO BY THE FRONT LADY OF MY DORM!!! It IS possible to get to the Seoul Immigration Office by public transport, or more specifically the subway, rather than just take taxi. I mean if you don’t mind spending 12,000-14,000 W, then take taxi for ease and quickness, but if you’re a cheap hoe like me, here’s how to take the subway there!

First of all:
Take the subway from Sinchon Station and go on the Green Line (a.k.a. Line 2) and head in the direction towards Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station. The Green Line is actually the only available line at Sinchon Station by the by. There are also maps of the outline of the subway lines so anyone who can read ENGLISH (yes it’s in BOTH Hangeul AND English) and can figure out how to connect dots, can figure out which side of the subway line to enter. You don’t want to be heading in the opposite direction, so double check where you’re going. OH! And if you lack one of those public transport cards that allow you to go on subways/trains, then either: 1) get one for 2,500 W at a convenience store and load it on a couple 1,000 wons (a trip on the subway station is usually about 1,050 W minimum; a trip on the bus is a tad less), 2) put money on your Yonsei student ID (I don’t know if this works for other university ID’s as well so check) and load it on money (there are machines on the side before entering through the subway line that can both read and “re-charge” money on the public transport card), 3) use a debit card (i.e. Woori Bank card), or 4) buy a one/two-way ticket for the subway ride (after this usage, remember to put the “temp card” back into the subway machine that gives you back a 500 won deposit; unless you don’t want it you rich hoe).

Second of all:
Make that bloody transfer at Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station!!! Yes, Line 2 does NOT go directly to your main/LAST exit towards Alien Registration. So get off the subway and walk in the direction towards the transfer line, or Purple Line (I forget the number but you’ll figure it out). Again, check for the direction your train should be heading in and jump on accordingly. You’re heading towards Omokgyo (LAST STOP) so check that free giant map in the subway hokkayy?

Third of all:
Omokgyo is the last stop for this transfer, so GET OFF IT! Don’t fall asleep because ain’t NOBODY going to warn you when to get off. You only have a speaker box talking about what the next stop is and which direction the doors are opening/you should be exiting for the stop.

Fourth of all:
Walk STRAIGHT OUT of the station at exit #7 and walk STRAIGHT OUT. And then continue to walk STRAIGHT. You will be incredibly assured you’re traveling on foot in the correct direction from the signs pointing straight to “Seoul Immigration Office.” Fantastic right? Just another 10 minutes until you reach the godforsaken evils to receive your precious Alien Registration card that protects you from deportation. YAY!

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

**Look down at zeh picture. See it? YUP! That’s the summary because I too be a lazy hoe**

seoul immigration office subway directionsTo all the lazy hoes who wish for more tips or a better summary on public transportation, I guess I’ll write one up for y’all because I’m a people pleaser.


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