Day 32

Woahhhh~ Has it been a month already?!?

Well besides playing with my puzzles (yes puzzles are fricken cool, especially if it’s an overpriced one bought at the Gibli Hayao Miyazaki exhibit), finally meeting my LE buddy Kim Jin Seok with Alison at 1p.m., doing my laundry for the 2nd time I’ve been in Seoul, and studying for my Stats mock exam tomorrow, I discovered my phone to be working again. YES!!! No longer does it freeze up, look like it can give the eyeballs seizures, and keep me from using Wi-fi, 3G, or anything data required. I can now Kakao to my heart’s content. The only frustration: my first month’s plan ends this Thursday the 25th, which sucks because I paid for 500MB and I’ve used only less than 100MB from all the non-working-ness of this darn HTC Android phone. WHY GOD WHY?!?

On a side note: I Le’POWNED in Ping Pong Class today. Let’s just say the professor was extremely excited and laughing at how I annihilated 6 guys out of the 7 in my bracket for ping pong (Games were 1 set: 21 points per match). The only game I lost ended with a 21-19, so not bad for a rusty hand. Holly translated for me at the end of the class that apparently the professor had been teasing all the guys the entire class about trying to keep up with me saying something that literally translated to “Look at those faces! HAHA! Those faces!!!” Everyone that lost to me got 15pts or less. Well, actually 1 guy was able to reach 15pts while the other 5 losers got 8pts or less. I felt so bad though when one actually said “Calm down” so I ended up taking it easy on him (but I didn’t lose if that’s what you were thinking. “If you’re not a winner you’re a loser” is the saying right?).

In October there will be more games, so I’m super stoked and ready for Mondays and waking up early. YAY FOR SMASHING BALLS!



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