Day 29

We meet again Alien Registration…

If I didn’t say it before, I was the foolio who made the grave mistake of paying for the pick-up method for the alien registration card vs. the delivery method. Since the earliest I had for pick-up was the 19th and my only Friday class got cancelled, I ended up going to the Seoul Immigration Office at 9ish a.m. with Minyoung and Saree BY SUBWAY (YES IT TURNS OUT IT’S POSSIBLE THAT LADY AT I-HOUSE IS A LIAR WHO LIES; IT WAS NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL). Since I was only doing pick-up and finger-printing, I was done before 10:15. But because Minyoung was going to go with me to the Hayao Miyazaki exhibit in Yongsan later to meet Sarah Y., who apparently lives REALLY close there.

For some reason Minyoung had some strugs with her Alien Registration, but at least she was done by 11:30, which ended with us meeting Sarah Y. by 1. Okay, now that exhibit was AWESOME!!! It was so fantastic and cute. I’ll go into detail with it in my “Adventure Time” chronicles.

And last but not least, I hung out with Alison and a gang (the humans I met once in Myeongdong) in Hongdae. Let’s just say the last thing I said was, “Woah! When did we get here?”



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